5-Stars Reviewed By Asher Syed for Readers’ Favorite

It is amazing who you can meet on an airplane and what the result of such an encounter might be. Such is the case in Adventures of the Moment: The Writer's Collector's Edition by Golden November, where a man named Gannon serendipitously meets Electra, a woman he begins to chat with and is ultimately seated next to him on the flight. It's Gannon's birthday and is also day zero of Gannon and his girlfriend breaking up. Electra is from a family of winemakers and, after bonding with Gannon, invites him to join her at the family estate. What follows next, when Electra takes over Gannon's former girlfriend's ticket for a mystery adventure, is the kind of thing you tell future grandkids. But first, you've got to survive the darn thing, and buying it still doesn't guarantee that it will happen.

Golden November is a unique writer with an entirely distinctive book format. Adventures of the Moment is written as a script where readers read the scenes out loud. The more readers, the merrier, and we have a custom now of inviting friends over for dinner and then verbally acting out November's latest and greatest. Or at least what is new to us. The deadpan comedy is the best part. November has a caustic sense of humor that reminds me of Aubrey Plaza in Parks and Recreation. Instead of superfluous written descriptions of every scene, November includes a full-color photo of where the characters are. This orientates the minds of readers and allows for the reading to continue uninterrupted, except for intermittent bursts of laughter. Very highly recommended.

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